"In Space, no one can hear you Squeak"




For the first time on Earth, Commander J.T. Eagle's Personal Log is available for scientific evaluation. We will continue to post new data and Episodes as they are received and digested. All data files herein have been screened for 732 different Space Viruses. Please remember that only your Bubble Helmet can filter the rest!


Episode #1 "Holiday #11"
With a brand new ship and a major Holiday just around the bulkhead, everyone is a little on edge...
Episode #2 "Maiden Voyage"
All systems are GO as our Brave Crew prepares to go deep into Small Space via the enormously powerful Orange Drive.
Episode #2.5 "2.5"
For almost a week the 2XL+ has been en route to B-Quad and nobody is getting any sleep...

Episode #3
. Part I "An Unnervingness"

Tossed into the pillowy center of a dangerous quadrant, hunted by Insects, our Brave Crew has more to chew on than you can shake a bitten stick at...

. Part II "Escape from the Bean Mines"
Every second counts as Smallonauts are enslaved, and even stuffed. Will our Heroes ever get back home?

. Part III "A Return to Mediocrity"
There is nothing like a cozy ending. Or is there...?

Episode #3.5 "3.5"
Stress, the fragile frontier. This is the cabin of Commander J.T. Eagle, where he has been locked inside for the last two days, not feeling fully himself...
Episode #4 "Chains of Command"
Critical decisions must be made, choices that could alter and save lives. Lt. Zee is faced with these, and layer upon layer of ooze.
Episode #4.5 "4.5"
The newly debugged Commander calls a Staff Meeting to discuss his recent insanity, and general news.
Episode #5 "Shore Leave"
Even a toy can become overworked in the modern world of articulated space adventures. Prescription: Vacation on the Moon of Gecko!
Episode #5.5 "5.5"
Science indicates that talking to victims in jelly-stasis greatly improves their chances for a full recovery, even if they can't hear you.
Episode #6 "The Marigold Maneuver"
The crew is reunited, and quickly find themselves face to face with the Servants of He Who Eats All, for what that's worth.
Episode #6.5 "6.5"
A new and growing threat to space toys everywhere is massing in a distant quadrant, and a secret meeting is called to order.


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