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"I would think anyone in my situation would know the kind of stress a guy like me could be under... I mean, when the ship has bugs, I have bugs, right?"

"I mean to say that's not just some kind of babble, that's what's up here. No, this is something else... Isis knows... Science and stuff, that's what I'm talking about, Uncle..."

"Fact is, Isis gave me the first task of appeasement in very clear tones: improve your nearest helper's lot. So right away I knitted my E-droid a scarf... and I dunno... it makes him look a little stiff. Like take my skull for example. It fills my helmet, sure, but start stuffing it full of chores and tasks, and lookout! Stress is a filler, you know what they say?"

"I'm a toy, so let's just start there. I'm also in command so that's two. Isis gave me a task and I'm dubious about the results, so I confess that I made another attempt, and maybe that's bad, and maybe I'm missing something, but I knitted a nice red pullover for the Service Droid. I told the crew to get lost, so I had the spare time..."