The Ambassador

Currently in deep freeze and not often thawed, The Ambassador's orders are final.


Commander J.T. Eagle

Born in Arizona, moved to West Pomona. Knits to relax. Rumor has it he has a little crush on the Ship's Computer.


Lt. Commander Grog

His first assignment is 2nd in Command of the 2XL+ Rather a chicken-heart, Grog makes do with his sincere convictions.


 Professor Algernon Haley

Inventor, Astro-Gardener, Crabby Old Man, Prof. Haley is a breed all his own. To his credit: The Bubble Helmet, Orange Drive, Styro-steel, and the Canine Translator.



The 2XL+'s on-board artificial intelligence unit, I.B.I.D wants to someday be a real bot.


 Lt. N. Norman Slick

Navigator, swinger, very cool dude. Likes himself a great deal, thinks you should, too. Limited navigational abilities...
(SECRET: The "N" is for NANCY. His parents were big fans of the literary teen-detective....)


 Lt. Trickowski

"Trick" is a wiz-kid and the youngest Smallonaut to ever graduate from The Academy. His official post is Engineering Maintanence but he can often be found assisting Prof. Haley with his inventions.


 Dr. Vodex

Science and Astro-Physics, he comes from a race called Avians. His thin bones and enormous cranial capacity justify his long hours in
The Lab.


 Lt. Zee

Special Ops, tough as nails. Looking for her own command... Impulsive, stubborn, loudmouthed.



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