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*"Lt. Trickowski, forgive me for asking, but will you have time to complete the installation of the Elastic Sensor Grid before the VIPs arrive? The convoy is due any moment and we still need to calibrate the Grid ..."*

*"Yeah Yeah, thanks I.B.I.D. Duly noted. Now pass down that Styro-Slag Retractor and go find someone else to remind every few minutes..."*



*"Yoh, my main monkey Trick! Still working on that Grid? The Dang Dignitaries will be here any second... you wouldn't want them to see you with all that space dust on your helmet!"*

*"Hey Zee, you just missed I.B.I.D. saying the same thing! This will be done and I will be clean and presentable by the time the Big Wigs land. And what about you? You still need to put that Anti-Grav Strider to bed and run the pre-flight sequences for the big demo today!"*

*"Already done, sonny-boy! In fact I double-ran the sequences this morning and Prof. Haley told me to 'calm down and take a walk'... so here I am!"*