Now, where were we...

(When last we saw our Heroes emotions were high and limbs were limp! Commander Eagle and Lt. Zee had managed to destroy the Evil Plushinator and rescue Lt. Com. Grog, but the horrible transformation from action figure to plush toy left the 2XL+'s 2nd in Command much more changed than familiar...)

**"ZEE! Get that bubble helmet back on him, fast!!"**

"...(glug) commander?
my is...floppy..."

(Meanwhile, deep inside the Bean Mines, loyal robot I.B.I.D. stealthily makes his way back to the moon's surface to prepare the escape craft!)

**"Excuse me... pardon me... so sorry about this... excuse me..."**

(Even more meanwhile, back aboard the 2XL+ [hidden a few moons over]... the entire 2XL+ Crew has been taken hostage, wrapped in webs, and left in a pile on the hangerbay floor! And that was hours ago...)

"...749 containers of beer concentrate on the bulkhead, 749 containers of beer concentrate... you take one down, pass it around, how many containers of beer concentrate on the bulkhead...?"


(And somewhere in between, the mysterious Insectian known only as Ohvmyr pursues an agenda that remains a mystery to all...)

"i must find the 2xl+ away team and bring them back... alive..."

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