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Commander Eagle addresses the assembled crew in the ConferenceCabin.

**"Well, I guess you are all wondering about this little meeting I've called this morning... Yes, I.B.I.D.?"**


**"Is this because the ship is out of Post-Its, Commander?"**

**"...Well, in a way I guess it is, I.B.I.D. Thanks for asking.

Now I'm sure you all have a lot of questions about why I had to be tossed in the brig recently, and some of you may be wondering why I was talking to slippers and trying to fly the ship into a sun cluster...

...For my part, I just want you all to know that I understand how difficult it may have been to see your commanding officer... acting like that... and I want you, my indispensable crew, to know that I'm feeling much better now. Your Commander Eagle is GO, again ...heh."**


**"Uhm... Well, I think Dr. Vodex can better explain what has been happening. Doctor?"**