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****Conundrum 2000****
Small Candidates debate the Issues

"Good Evening and welcome to Figure 8 Action News. Our Top Story tonight: Small Council Chairman Elections have always been gruesome, bitter displays of animosity and this campaign season appears to be chock full of more of the same as candidates espouse their beliefs in the Public Square. Joining us LIVE from the debates is award winning anchor personality Wink Blinkman with the dirty skinny on the the candidates and their desperate viewpoints. Wink?"


"Thank you La'Nishia. Today was the first of several public debates designed to pit the major candidates for Small Council Chairman against one another, armed only with their wits and whatever else they could sneak past Security. Early reports show that the public favors graphs over charts by a margin of 24% but so far the race for Small Council Chairman is cautiously wide open. Let's hear some out-of-context clips of what the candidates were trying to say earlier today..."


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****Town Hall Debates****

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Final Re-Counts!
Rev. Doc. Shamanson: 20
The Senator: 21
Jon Hendy: 5

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Homerclese: 17
MeMaw Pop: 4


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