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Title: G7:e1 The New Bingo

Format: 40 pages of full color space toy adventure.

You know; a comic book.

Synopsis: Newly graduated Smallonaut Agent 1st Class Glenn Russell has just been assigned the position of First Deputy of Gecko 7 BASE, the Articulated Space Administration's security and maintence outpost locted near the center of Beta Zone. Just before landing Russell is shot down by a violent alien breed of Cyan Moonling called Finheads. He is able to ditch his burning styro-pod in time and make a safe emergency landing, only to have his life saved by another Cyan Moonling named Girk.

Saying anything more at this point would be telling.


::: 7/10/05 - SEE THE DOWNLOAD UPDATES in the BLUE section!
I added some samples from the later parts of e1, so you can see more than just the dusty old moon surface! I have been hawking my little space idea to crickets and sending out sample/review copies to friends. I discovered that I can't swing printing costs so the ink-and-paper editions I wanted will have to wait for fame and fortune, or at least fortune. But the good news is...

you can buy a copy of G7:e1 on disc from this guy:



::: 7/28/05 - Target Lock: MINI CDs

::: Target Intel: The Encyclopedia Galactica notes that mini-CDs are fun-sized, and that's really saying something. Sound crazy? Maybe you are right. No really, there is a good possibility that I'm nuts, and this is all evidence. Comic books starring toys, on a CD, I mean come on.


::: 8/2/05 - We are GO!

G7 BASE and the Ng Institute for Micro-Astro Science are proud to broadcast the fact that we pulled the trigger this morning and ordered heap-big copies of a Very Special Mini-CD (VSMCD)!

This disky-dealy will feature a .pdf of G7:e1 for sure, but for a very low-low dancing price you also get, FREE for the amount you already paid, a working copy of The Encyclopedia Galactica, a pile of fancy-schmancy desktop-type pics, and a nostalgic romp through Hot Eddie's Pit of Death! Hey, if you know what kind of fun that is, then I don't have to tell you!

So shine your bubble helmets and get ready for blast-off!
We are T-minus about a while or so from Smallonauts for Everyone!


:::8/7/05 Reviews added.

:::8/17/05 ADDED FAQs, and also... we got CDs! A little glitch on the main menu; one of my ad pictures didn't show up on some test computers. Seems a PC running IE refuses the image, while Macs and Netscape have no trouble. Ain't technology grand? Yippy!!


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::: Why the heck not?


::: 4/9/06

In space, time is a measure of distance, too. And on that scale we haven't gone very far at all, but it hasn't taken very long, either.

G7:e1 is still out there for your contemplation, so if you don't have a copy and want to see it, drop us a line and we'll be happy to get one to you. We are more interested in finding readers and getting feedback and reviews than anything else right now, and if you are here reading this then you are probably just the type of species we are looking for!

Production was slowed a bit over the last few months, but life in space is full of complications. As we seek and destroy the space bugs in our ion cloud you can be assured, cosmic readers, that e2 and beyond are in process, and that I really want to present them to you, and the universe.

You might also find the new SPACE section of wearesmall.com of interest.

Play to Win!

... work on e2 continues
stay tuned...

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