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low-tech bug gang

EG Critical Info Alert:
The Skekt-auk Overlords are a violent and massive race of bipedal insect warriors native to the distant planet of Skektis 3. The "Overlords" are selfish to the core, driven by the acquisition of power and territory, and are chiefly interested in their own self-aggrandizement.

Threats with devastating consequences are constantly leveled against species who dare to disobey their orders, but the Overlord's modest technological prowess often negates any serious peril beyond the range of their flailing limbs.


. Habitat . Skektis 3

. Skektis 3 is located in a remote region of space called Far Boundary 27H, found just past the outer rim of Beta Zone but still within the easement settlement reached with the Plasma People of Gamma Zone (see, Distant Neighbor, Specious Treaty).

. Skektis 3 is a dark green swamp world predominantly covered by thick plastic vegetation and shallow lakes of iridescent green "gool," a naturally occurring acidic syrup and a primary building block of Skekt-auk biology. Besides their limited technological achievements, Skekt-auk space travel has been hindered by the chore of supplying sufficient gool to their troops.


. Biology & Behavior

. Skekt-auk Overlords are unusually strong and categorically destructive, with powerful hooked limbs and crushing mandibles. They have exoskeletons that are sturdy but not impenetrable, and space faring Overlords augment their natural armor with distinctive plated suits which are the uniform of The Children of He Who Eats All (see Society and History, below).

. Skekt-auk are warm-blooded plastivores and willing to consume almost any other toy they encounter. History shows their tastes run toward weaker playthings who offer little resistance. Their bulk and size mandate relatively large quantities of gool and raw plastic nourishment to maintain good health.
. .
feeding on Gloy

. Examination of visual data gathered during a recent encounter with a disabled Overlord Barge of War uncovered an unusual facet of their being. Skekt-auk appear to be able to replace lost or damaged limbs with parts harvested from their fallen fellows. It remains unclear if this is a biological or mechanical process and there is considerable debate regarding the specifics of their anatomy.
video proof of Overlord organ harvesting

. Skekt-auk logic is circuitous and self-serving. They believe they are the obvious rulers of the universe because, "Skekt-auk rule, and we are Skekt-auk!" The basic psychological certainty that they are supreme and completely deserving of their exalted position over all others seems to be an unalterable and defining characteristic of their species.

The Ng Institute's Dept. of Alien Profiles suggests that playing up to the perceived supremacy of the Overlords by appearing to accept their absolute dominance may save valuable time by avoiding unwinnable debates over the validity of their claims.


. Society and History

. Skektis 3 is ruled by He Who Eats All, a military/religious figurehead that the Overlords believe, "excreted the universe for the benefit of his children. 1" Veneration of He Who Eats All remains the only discernible non-selfish Skekt-auk pursuit, driven largely by tradition and fear.

. The tallest peak on the planet of Skektis 3 is Gool Mons, said to be crowned by a lavish citadel that is the home of He Who Eats All and, according to Skekt-auk clergy 2, is also the precise center of the universe (see Repeated Lunacy and Other Hallmarks of Denial).

. The Skekt-auk have only recently "conquered" space and were quick to anoint themselves the Overlords of the Universe, a position they believe is due them based on ancient prophecy 3. and modern military expansionism. In both instances their case is weak at best.

. Skekt-auk are sworn enemies of the Plushoids of TY421, and the entire contents of The Cyan Moon Cluster. All other beings are looked upon as disobedient slave races by their Overlord Masters.

.  Skekt-auk seek glory and reward for themselves only. The concerns of others who may be in the way are nothing but fuel for the Overlord's characteristic mockery and brutish manipulations.


1. Sacred Rolls of He Who Eats All, sheet 10,765, "So Was The Start of Things"
2. Sacred Rolls of He Who Eats All, sheet 573, "Mine is a Throne of Polished Alabaster"
3. Sacred Rolls of He Who Eats All, sheet 47,632, "My Stench Shall Fill the Universe"


. Extended Study

. Review of Skekt-auk Technology :
The Emperor's New Clothes Seem Comparatively Frumpy.

Although they claim to have the most lethal armada in the universe, Skekt-auk Overlord warships and other space vessels are cumbersome, inefficient and often in disrepair. Their best ships can be detected well in advance by the choking roar of their warp engines and the field of pollutants they spew. A statistically high percentage of Skekt-auk space missions end in catastrophe and/or marooning due to overzealous piloting and/or negligent technicians.

Skekt-auk weaponry is also curiously ineffective, when in working order. In space, Overlords rely on crude torpedoes filled with explosive powders, a system known to have occasionally hit stationary targets. Statistically, deployment of these risky weapons is as potentially lethal to the Skekt-auk as they are to any selected target.

On the ground, Overlords have been known to employ low-impact energy weapons but are usually found armed with tools or blunt implements made from the broken machinery that invariably surrounds them.

Since they believe they rightfully command the universe, Skekt-auk enforcement squads are sometimes sent to "dominate" areas claimed by other alien beings. Due to their hit-and-miss technology, reinforcements are slow to arrive, if they arrive at all, and Skekt-auk crews typically function as independent units, usually under the command of the largest ego present.

EG Culture Note: Joke of the Day:
Q:How can you tell when the Underlords are attacking you? A: Their ship blows up!


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