Alien_Life/ Plushoids:

Size .Sm .Med .Lg .XL
Life Span .
Short .Med .Long ?
Tech Level .
Prim .Low .Med .High .Ultra
Range .
local .space .warp/other
Category .
fiber/pellet meanace

"Though widely varied in construction and charm, history has proven repeatedly that any interaction with the Plush Menace is dangerous, foolhardy, and best avoided altogether."

- Prof. Edvard Ng

. Habitat . Softness Prime

. The galaxy known as TY421 has but one inhabitable planet, called Softness Prime, from which has flopped all Plushoid kind.

. The beautiful nougat cliffs, vast caramel oceans and glittering spring-fresh jungles of the Plushoid home world give the appearance of tranquil splendor, and even its four moons (Smile, Gumdrop, Joy and Yummy) sound inviting and delicious, but something demonstrably foul is afoot on Softness Prime.

. Recent scientific studies suggest that much of the planet's trouble is due to the its close proximity to an unstable space phenomenon called the Evil Dark Zone (EDZ). The EDZ is a roughly planet-sized pocket of density and misfortune that has so far eluded deeper examination. Probes launched and attempts to survey the area either fail to locate the phenomenon or are absorbed by the region's compelling darkness. All we know of the EDZ is that it shadows the orbital pattern of Softness Prime, and at random intervals erupts in gigantic ion storms that can reach the planet and its four moons. This very dangerous circumstance has kept Softness Prime largely a mystery to the rest of the universe.


. Biology & Behavior

. Plushoids are mass-produced in subterranean factories by unknown slave races based on designs that some suggest are transmitted directly from the core of the Evil Dark Zone.

. Plushoids come in a variety of colors and forms, usually composed of a fuzzy or otherwise tactile dermas surrounding a core of ploy-fibers and plastic pellets, or beans. This is the root of the vulgar slang expression for this species, which we must in print call The B-word.


. Society and History

. Very little is known about these dangerous playthings, including any meaningful cultural data, beyond the general warning to STAY AWAY. They have been documented to attack in groups and build armies on the beds of little girls. Very often they will endear themselves to the lonely or the ill, only to attack them later for the sheer pleasure of the betrayal.

. Plushoids seem to serve no master but havoc. Their appearance in the universe is chaotic and unpredictable, traveling in pods to random and far reaching destinations with no other apparent motive besides making a big mess and screwing everything up as much as possible. They have never been trustworthy, kind or helpful to any species, and when in confinement they usually pass the time attacking each other.


Weak Child Warning:

The imagery below reveals the evil behind the cuteness of Plushoids and may not be suitable for all viewers.

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