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. Cyan Moonling is a general classification for 612+ different forms of life that originate in the distant Cyan Moon Cluster, also commonly referred to as,
"The Little Blue Men".

Warning: Choking Hazard
Dread Space Pirate Gax

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. Habitat . The Cyan Moon Cluster

. The Cyan Moon Cluster (CMC) is a highly unusual space phenomenon involving 321 small blue/green moons in extremely tight and complex orbital patterns. It was widely held for many years that the moons were all in orbit around the largest body, Muk Heap, but recent computer models suggest that even Muk Heap is in orbit around some central and yet unknown core.

. The Cyan Moon Cluster's exact center remains one of many mysteries in this sector of space (see War, below).


. Biology & Behavior

. Each of the different Moonlings have specific anatomies and behavioral patterns but the vast majority can be defined with three simple adjectives; small, blue, and warlike. A Sample Index of Cyan Moonlings by Moon of Origin (MOO) is offered below, but generally they are bipeds with nimble hands, sturdy frames and azure hues.


. Society and History

. The Cyan Moonlings have been at war constantly from the beginning of their recorded history and organized conflict is one of their hallmark behaviors. What little is known of their culture is a catalog of blood rivalries, treachery, treason, despotism, invasions, revenge, double-crossing and secret allegiances. The conflicts and wars span generations and are difficult for non-Moonlings to appreciate, but it is clear that allegiance to species and MOO are critical but not entirely binding designators, and that blue blood is very thin and cold in general.

. War and preparations for war consume most of the time and resources of the Cyan Moon Cluster. The fierce territorial and isolationist natures of many of the species there has thus far foiled a complete study of the region, and prevented them from exploring much outside of their own sector.

. Cyan Moonlings who leave the CMC are usually seeking technology or resources to exploit for a campaign back home, or are on the run from any of a multitude of vengeful political and military powers.

. The Muk Empire is the largest military collective, oppressing millions for generations. It combines the muscle of eighteen powerful and bloodthirsty families based on Muk Heap and they together are the oldest and most dreaded ruling force in the CMC. The Imperial Families of The Muk Empire have been entrenched in power grabs and coups for decades, each enjoying short windows of authority until the next scheme for domination is hatched.

. The current Emperor of Muk Heap maintains power with a vast clone army scientifically grown for battle, called Go'ons, who obey his every tyrannical order and do not surrender or negotiate.


. Extended Study

A Sample Index of Cyan Moonlings by Moon of Origin (MOO)

Important Note: While each Cyan Moonling subspecies has a unique biology the majority share a curiously fast rate of decomposition after death, commonly breaking down into ammonia and a handful of other rank gasses in a matter of hours and leaving precious little research data behind. Some subjects have been successfully frozen for a few days but this only postpones their inevitable gaseous dissolution. Consequently, images depicting Cyan Moonlings packed in ice are authentic autopsy documents gathered in the field while all others presented here are photographs of scientific models courtesy of the Ng Institute's Museum of Natural and Unnatural History.

The Imperial Home Moon of Muk Heap
. Cloned suicide soldiers called Go'ons (pictured) are the iron in the fist of the Muk Empire. The dark moon of Muk Heap is the largest body in the CMC, and the ancient spawning grounds of the Mukoids is the brutal blue caldron of its vast, fogbound swamplands. Born by the score and weaned on cruelty, Mukoids have dominated their kin for generations and the Muk Empire stands as the largest military conglomerate in a sector swelling with armies and allied conspiracies. Mukoids stand taller than most other Cyan Moonlings and have bulbous pale blue heads with cold eyes and nasty teeth.

Moon of Blux
.The awkward and solitary beings from Blux are shape-shifters capable of assuming the form of almost any other toy species they desire. Due to this unusual ability, Blux are often used as spies and secret agents by the Muk Empire who have enslaved the entire Blux subspecies for generations. Blux are cowardly when cornered and fear the consequences of failing their Mukoid masters more that being discovered as an impostor.

Moon of Grignak .
. Finheads are foul little creatures with white pinpoint eyes and distinctive cranial ridges. Native to the moon of Grignak, Finheads consistently hunt in pairs and will mercilessly seek revenge if their partner is killed. The number of Finheads traveling outside the CMC has steadily increased since the early 1970's, suggesting a campaign of expansion the purpose of which remains a mystery.

Moon of Cyb
. Mean Jean was the nickname given to this curious and vile specimen that is the only one of its kind on record. It was discovered by the crew of the ASA Walkure while exploring the asteroid belt of Lumbar 15 and was later identified by Girk Tgel as being a native of the tiny moon called Cyb. As the crew of the Walkure studied the asteroids a series of computer failures forced them to open a secure machinery cabinet where they discovered the specimen rapidly consuming vital computer components. Mean Jean was reportedly unharmed by conventional nano-weapons and thus very difficult to eliminate. It was finally tricked into a cold storage chamber and flash-frozen by the crew, providing this rare glimpse of a unique space menace.

Moon of Glum .
. The creatures called Popeyes hail from the moon of Glum and are one of a handful of species who do not require protective headgear in space. Named for their bulging white optic orbs, Popeyes are usually encountered in stealthy pairs who have been given a specific, often destructive task by their overlords. While not as overtly aggressive as most other Cyan Moonlings, Popeyes are decidedly keen on causing havoc and mayhem from behind the scenes. They are rarely found with conventional weaponry, preferring instead to attack with sonic emissions that create painful cognitive dissonance in the mind of the target, typically rendering them helplessly stunned within seconds.

Moon of Gwyilt
. Cyan Moonlings from Gwyilt are known primarily for their cruelty, wavering allegiance and impromptu high-energy punishment frenzies. These diminutive despots are hostile to their own kind as a rule and are often discovered in command of an army of lesser Cyan Moonlings. It is rumored that Gwyiltoid scientists were responsible for the technology that gave birth to the Go'ons. Gwyiltoids are innovative pain givers and enjoy hunting. Their distinctive voodoo-like beaded jewelry has inspired their common nickname, Jujus.



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