Every once in a while we get a letter from someone who says,
"Wow, it sure is neato to see someone else playing with toys the same way I do!"

What follows is a gallery of Small Pictures sent to wearesmall.com from people just like us, apparently! If you would like to send us pictures of your Smalls please email 72dpi .jpg files under 8x10 inches in size to the link on our CONTACT page.


Jim C
Jim was the first person to write to me and say, "Yeah I do that, too!" He sent me a few shots of his original characters and here they are:


Jon H
Jon (The real guy, not the action figure) was one of the earliest admirers and remains one of the most profound supporters of Small Things. Many, many plastic monstrosities have been birthed by him, each a heinous treasure. The link below will show you what I mean. Jon sends packages to us crammed with odd parts and Personalities and we savor each one. Here is a picture of Small Space Marines digging through a recent delivery.

Featured in the current NEWS!

More of Jon's stuff will find its way to this page in the future, fer sure.

Donald R
Even though Donald plays mostly with Icky 12 inch figures I like the pictures he makes very much! He also gives each picture a great name like "Disasters of Empire"! So much emotion in so few pixels! Bravo, Donald!



Kay L
We got a fan letter out of the blue one day from Kay and she has since sent a great many pictures of her extensive Small population! I didn't know all their names so I gave a few descriptive titles, below. All are most awesome and deserve your uninterrupted attention but the last 2 particularly make us all warm inside when we look at them:


Native Couple.jpg
Star Quality.jpg

Larry's House of Pancakes (not his real name)
No matter what you call him, this guy is Small to the core. We like getting email from LHP because we are often sent running to the dictionary to discover the meaning of his most recent archaic phraseology. That, and his toys are way cool. Play on, Monkey Boy!

Larry's Smalls clockwise from top:
Prof. Felix Unkirk, Bruno Jones, Lady Sara St. Croix, and "Gentleman" Julian Smith.

Prof. Unkirk

Charles B
Charles has been kind enough to send some reinforcements for the Small Police Department. Below are pictures of Mr. Sprog, who is really cool!

Of his creation, Charles says, "Name: 34 0f 1974, Post: Salvage Engineering, Maintenance, Recycling and Waste Management, Nic: Mr. Sporg Likes: Disco, bellbottom spacesuits, Quote: "Captain these enhancements are logical < twitch> oooo look what I found......" and "Not recycling is futile, compliance mandatory < szzzttt> " Equipment: Scanner eye, multitool arm, bionic enhanced hand and arm."



Omar S
Omar was kind enough to send us a European Soccor Player named Marco, and we also hosted one of Omar's figures as part of our International Toy Exchange Program (ITEP).

I'll let Omar's own words speak for Hector!



If you think you are Small Like Us, please write!