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MEGO Related Links:

The Mego Museum was the first web site I ever saw, and remains a favorite to this day. It is the single greatest resource for collectors of Mego action figures, sans Sonny and Cher.You'll find deep catalogs of great information and the best Mego pictures on the internet. Mmmm... MEGOS!


Anthony B. McElveen has some of the best custom Mego figures I have ever seen, and rumor has it he also made his own guitar playing Insectian. How can that be wrong?

Dr. Mego gives hope to the broken and fuels the imagination with awesome parts and pieces. He also has great original characters for sale - get them today!

Dolls of Hendy is a great new blog site with some very normal looking action figures. Well, they look that way from here. The blogger is an Evil Robot, but I can't blame him.

Paul "Hulk" Clare is a collector and dealer of fine Mego and Mego-like toys. His Megoville site is tons of fun, and includes one of my favorite Travel Logs, ever! He also sells an awesome Mego-based comic book, and you can get CTVT stuff from him, too! Heck, what more do you need?

J.S. Starbuk and Bobo welcome you to Phelonious Phabrications, where you can get lots of neat stuff for your toys. I even got custom Sleestak figure there! The things this guy can do with silicone latex...

Captain Dunsel's Mego Madhouse is the place to find all those stunning Star Trek characters Mego never produced. Awesome custom work!

The Mego Store has vintage and contemporary Mego stuff, collector gear, DVDs and more!

Pablo's Mego Back Yard is one of those web sites dedicated to the FUN you can have when you actually PLAY with them in the yard. Passionless hacks, take note!  

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Robert Stiffler (a.k.a. Doc Drako) just started a great new blog starring Mego figures, starting with an action adventure comic starring Jet Jungle! How cool is that!?

Mego Adventures Blog

The Twisted Mego Theater Archive... Actually, I abhor the use of clay to make funny faces on toys, but still...

TMT Archive

Mego also made 2XL, a talking 8-track robot who asked you questions and played music. is an excellent and well documented site dedicated to this obscure electronic marvel.

Non-Mego Toy Links: makes Joe look like a real toy. Dave Pisani and Tod Pleasant produce awesome pictures and keen stories with toys that are otherwise too big and funny-looking. Very cool work, and lots of it!

Perils of the Bold is a cool web comic told with those Stikfus figures. Erik makes great sets and includes a lot of handy technical notes with each scene!

SIGMARTYR is another cool web comic using Stikfus figures. Those toys seem to bring out the inner film director in a lot of folks!

Blythe are big-eyed fashion dolls. Hubba hubba.


Pish Dolls are wee rock stars, noted for their edgy street performances and for busting up tiny hotel rooms all around the planet.

The Brick Testament is an illustrated Bible presented by The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith. Enlightenment has never been this weird!

The GI Medic flocks Mego heads. And his name is really Joe!

Leisure Town is one of those sites that makes you want to hang yourself in the barn. Adult bendy brilliance.

Leisure Town

Peteena, The Poodle in the Bikini, has been granted Honorary Small Status by the Ministry for Naturalization and Unnaturalization. Who knew Hasbro had it in them?


Donald Rilea has a way with his toys. You can see some his work our Small Like Us section. I guess I just enjoy pictures of toys that have fallen over.

Donald's Blog

Toyville City Hall is another one of those Joe sites I can't seem to dislike. I think it was the Nazi Olson Twin action figures that made me sit down and say, "Hmmm..." UK Joe Mania at it's weirdest.

Toyville City Hall is where I got some cool mini (1:6) video games.
Plus, it is just fun to say. Lik-Sang!

Non-Toy Links:

At the House of Gum, Nathan's dedication to gum is exemplary.




I only wish the herd was bigger...

singing horses makes great pictures, and some of them even feature toys.

Featured Favorite: Just go see it, you'll be glad you did.


The Drudge Report: Because the rest of the media stinks.

 The Drudge Report

NASA's Human Space Flight page. I love this site!

The Moist Towelette Museum is one of the most critical web resources of our time. They even have Star Trek towelettes. In fact, the only thing they don't have on this site is that lemon-fresh scent.

The Museum of Bad Art is a great site, until I end up on it.

Dead Or Alive? is a great site, until I end up on it.

Every time I play this song over and over all night long I wake up in a pool of blood. What's with that?

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