EG Auto-Primer:
The Articulated Space Administration

Critics accuse the Articulated Space Administration (ASA) of being a colossal waste of resources, usually suggesting that a better target for Small tax dollars would be the great masses of boxed and carded toys still left to purchase and liberate. While examples of overspending and fiscal buffoonery are not impossible to find, the Small voters have continued to directly endorse the ASA at the polls by overwhelming margins.

The Articulated Space Administration was established in the mid-1970s by the Small Council (see A Habit of Adventure) for two specific reasons; to oversee the general expansion of toys into space, and to provide those action figures who want to explore the universe a place to learn and train. This two-pronged mission has created a pair of specialized bureaucratic structures, the BSA and the SSA, one to contend with each prong.

Administrative and regulatory power over all roughly Small-sized space enthusiasts and their vehicles rests with the Bureau of Space Affairs (BSA) and its executive body, The Board of Admirals (BOA). The four lifetime members of the BOA are appointed by a joint commission made up of representatives from the Small Council's League of Senators and the Permanent Members of the Small Armed Services Subcommittee on Dirigibles and Aerospace.

The Board of Admirals

Current BOA Members (L-R):
Col. Walter "Fats" Fitzwalter (Transportation and Teleportation Czar)
Chaz Truncate (Special Director of Special Intelligence)
Prof. Edvard Ng (BOA Executive Chairman )
Dr. Esther Bly
(Executive Chairwoman of the Smallonaut Security Council)
001 (BOA Security)

The Smallonaut Space Academy (SSA) is responsible for educating each new generation of Smallonauts, and for providing the unified training critical to the success of their tiny space missions. The Academy has a standing public policy of blind open enrollment, meaning that, with only a few common sense size and durability restrictions, any Small (see Smalls) is free to apply. The BOA is directly responsible for admissions and many of the general lectures and courses are overseen by BOA members.

The ASA has developed specialized Corps to better organize training based on the talents of the individual and the rank they have achieved. While details like boot and bubble base color are left to individual taste, each ASA Corps has a standardized basic uniform.

Corps Uniform Chart:

Command Corps

Ambasador Corps


Technical Corps

Science Corps

Security Corps

Expanded Personnel Files
The Smallonaut Census