name .
Vel Vawk

rank .
Combat Pilot,
Black Sun Flock


nic .

Before leaving the Avian home world of Preen, Capt. Vel Vawk was an elite striker pilot with the prestigious Black Sun Flock, the technical combat wing of the Knights of Avo. His training with the Black Sun Flock has produced a calm, steel-edged character markedly different from the majority of his confidence-poor kin.

Capt. Vawk was accused of poisoning a Drakon Baron and forced to flee his beloved home world to avoid an unjust execution. A marked toy, Vawk made his narrow escape into the vastness of space in his top-secret Crusader Bird of War (see Some Assembly Required), a remarkable piece of Avian super-technology.

Vawk is a keen observer of Avian traditions and customs even though it is that belief system that has banished him from his home world. Vawk accepts this banishment stoically and maintains that he is innocent of all criminal charges with the exception of Capital Leavery, the Avian crime of abandoning the home world.

While the Enforcement Team at Gecko 7 BASE have standing orders to arrest Capt. Vawk for extradition back to Preen, both AM Lindex and Prof. Ng have thus far been unable or unwilling to capture their frequent guest and valuable ally.