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Edvard Octavio Ng

status .
Professor of Omni-Physics, BOA Executive Chairman

loc .
The Ng Institute, Gecko

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Professor Edvard Ng is the leading authority on almost everything. A 3-time graduate of Toy Tech University, and the youngest action figure to ever do so, Ng began living on the cutting edge of science at an early age, and his contributions to the ill-fated Roof Shot Projects made his name a doll household word. His discovery of the direct attic portal into toy space marked the start of a great age of adventure and exploration. Now well into his "brittle years", Ng continues to robustly live that adventure.

As BOA Executive Chairman (see ASA) and the Director of the noteworthy Ng Institute for Micro-Astro-Science (NIMAS), Prof. Ng is often called upon to represent his kind in alien halls of jurisprudence. His central passion, however, remains solving mysteries and uncovering new ones.

The domed campus of the Ng Institute is located on the moon of Gecko, where Ng and his daughters Lucy and Edvina also reside. The Ng Dome is located near Gecko 7 BASE, headquarters for the Area Marshall of Beta Zone. The close proximity and good working relations between Gecko 7 BASE and the Ng Institute have benefited both operations, but it is important to note that they are separate and unrelated entities. However, Prof. Ng's appointment as BOA Executive Chairman puts him in charge of everything and everyone, technically.

Prof. Ng, with Vegiton Emissary and distinguished Gloy.