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Girk Tgel

status .
ward of NIMAS

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nic .
Ben Cartwright

Girk Tgel is a Cyan Moonling who escaped the clutches of the Muk Empire in a garbage scow and was granted asylum by Professor Ng of NIMAS. Girk lost a leg during his escape and a shortage of alien replacement parts has left him with a makeshift prosthetic.

Girk hails from the Moon of Gunuk, home to the slave race who call themselves Gunuktions but are widely known by the name given to them by their Muk Masters; Skeevs. It is said that the great mud citadels of Muk Heap are held together with the blood of one hundred generations of Skeevs.

Girk has proven most grateful to Prof. Ng and AM Lindex for the protection they have offered him from bounty hunting Mukoids looking to earn the moderate price paid for the heads of runaway Skeevs. Girk now pursues an amateur career as a silver prospector in the vast, rocky, silverless moonscapes of Gecko.