name .
Ed Ng

status .
ward of NIMAS

loc .
The Ng Institute, Gecko

nic .

The strange case of Ed Ng began when one of Prof. Edvard Ng's experiments with Oddness Theory produced an unexpected material result (UMR).

Simply put, Oddness Theory states that anomalies and statistical aberrations are actually part of an expanding field of unusuality, and that as this field spreads the very weave of the fabric of space and time can shift, producing "oddness holes" through which all manner of things and quasi-things can slip.

Such is the case with Ed, who is, with two notable exceptions, a perfect duplicate of the esteemed Prof. Edvard Ng at the age of 15. The exceptions are that Ed appears to be unaffected by time, permanently cementing a pronounced prepubescent awkwardness, and that he lacks any trace of Prof. Ng's keen intellect and trademark cogitative prowess.

Ed is, in fact, a dull-witted boy of little merit with no discernible ambitions and a moody, selfish disposition. Ed stays in his underground room at the Ng Dome much of the time and is usually unwilling to explore much outside of an obscure adrenal video game called Kill-Chicks 6000.