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Johan T. Eagle

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Space Commander

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Space Commander JT Eagle spearheads the exploration of deep toy space in command of the 2XL+, the space ship referred to as a "styro-steel marvel" by Proffesor Edvard Ng of the Ng Institute for Micro-Astro Science (NIMAS).

Commander Eagle is a skilled pilot, marksman and leader. He served with distinction as a soldier in the resistance against the Muk Incursion on Disputed Planetoid #419Z and was awarded a Red Foil Star for acts of bravery and uncommon loyalty in the decisive Battle of Oolong Beach. During his command training, Cadet Eagle served under AM Lindex on the moon of Gecko and was part of the team that established the network of moonbases there.

Eagle's first command assignment was the ill-fated ASA Marigold, destroyed when a Skekt-auk Barge of War attempted to fire upon her. A weapons failure obliterated the Skekt-auk ship and critically damaged the Marigold, setting Eagle and four other survivors adrift in the wreckage of their space ship for several months before being rescued by Capt. Allen Bates.

Eagle has a distinctive passion for knitting and is highly regarded by his current crew.