Chopper 3 Small Traffic: No reported blocking collisions or stalls in the Hallway or Kitchen.

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Smalloseum in Early Stages

Top Story Tonight: New Room!
Figure 8 Action News is proud to sling yah the scoop on what soon will be the biggest thing in Small World! Expanded housing for toys and pleasure in general is on the horizon and we have the story for you right here on this SmallNet Affiliate Website!

The Dept of Vehicles and Playsets would like to thank The General Population for the calm acceptance and widespread courtesy demonstrated during the recent Snowday. Nature and Toys are often at odds, but together we can Make a Difference.

"I'm Wink Blinkman and I'm standing on a ladder in the middle of a construction site that will one day become the Center of The Toy Universe! Thanks to the wild success of Small Enterprises everywhere, a well funded Secret Cartel has purchased and admits to planning renovations in the former Garage (or "Car Hole"). Sources who wish to remain anonymous and who spoke in nervous, sporadic mumbles said that a major shift in Small Civilization is planned for some time in the next few weeks, so STAY TUNED!

I'm sure you can see the pile of JUNK behind me out those doors... this Smalloseum Project is tiny by comparison, depending on what you are comparing it to, but for Us here it is a dream come true and many agree that the future looks as bright as a Prom Night Boil! Now, above me there is some insulation that needs to be installed up in the attic, and these outlets you see in the walls don't yet have power to them, but SmallNet is happy to bring you these pictures from inside the future creamy center of Small World!"

The Dept of Maintenance and War would like to remind you that the new floor will be WET for many days, so please respect detours. Traffic fines double in Expansionism Zones so mind that pedal and don't speed so much, will yah?
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