Our story begins long ago, some time in the early 70s, the exact date is not known to us. It was a time when action figures were new, and the direction and marketability of "dolls for boys" was being hotly debated in smoke filled chambers. The earliest Smalls were most likely action figures lost while playing in the yard, or those that believing children held out of car windows to make fly, only to see them slip through amazed fingers as the freeway crosswinds set the young Hero free, free at last. These primitive Smalls were rare and banded together where they could, no matter what toy line they came from or who they were 'supposed to be'... Our early ancestors were very clever and, much like Smalls today, they made a life of pilfering natural resources and useful accessories where ever they could.

 Photo from the award winning documentary
"Tell it on the Ant Hill" Unismall Pictures, Inc.