Things in Space

Mostly it's just junk.


The mysterious alien known only as "3" says he was born under a frozen lagoon on a comet that has a 10,000 cycle. Apparently "3" got lost on the last pass through this part of the galaxy and now he has to wait for the comet to return before he can go home, a problem more common that one might think. When questioned about the enormous time and distance between him and the rest of his kind, "3" says only that his parental unit is sure to destroy him, and that he hopes the comet never returns.

 Professor Ng and the Copper Monkey

Long before he built his personal exploration craft, the Copper Monkey, Professor G. Howard Ng was a celebrated physicist and the author of a series of popular leaflets on the subject of toys in space. His early innovations with The Sling-Shot-Off-The-Roof Project helped to save the lives of hundreds of test pilots, and when the first Smallonaut finally entered space he did it wearing a bubble helmet designed by Ng.


 The Dart

We don't know much about this ship, it just zooms by really fast every once in a while...

 The Dread Space Pirate Gax

Gax and his Goons come from an obscure part of the Cyan Moon Cluster and have been raiding Smallonaut missions for sport and plunder. Gax himself is the loathsome renegade clone of a highly placed elected official on his home world, and through a twisted series of blackmail and torture he has secured the support of an endless supply of Goon Soldiers. Grown in government labs and designed for war, these azure bullies are teleported directly to him anywhere in the universe, upon request, limit two at a time. Banished from home, Gax robs and feeds on innocent space toys in a selfish lifestyle of frenzy and destruction. If I were you, I'd back away slowly.




 The Silverfish

A top secret intelligence gathering vehicle, much about the ASA Silverfish is classified, and would only alarm you. What we do know is that her pilot
Lt. Race Davenport is a daredevil and a covert specialist, flying solo deep into space for weeks on end, for no apparent reason.

Tango 7

The ASA Walkure and her Crew's adventure on that chalky moon's surface was the biggest thing in Space.

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This mysterious Insectian traveler with a secret agenda uses innate psychic powers to create a self contained spaceworthy bubble.