Alien_Life/ Vegiton:

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placid growth-centric plantoids
Vegitons are highly advanced sentient plant life who travel the universe via Self-Contained Hydroponic Domed Environment Suits (SCHDES).
. Habitat . Vegiton

. The Planet of Vegiton is located in the Hystamine Nebula, the fourth planet from a brilliant white star called Ool, with two fungi-covered moons named Fax and Vil.

. Vegiton is covered by millions of varieties of thick ancient plant life that has achieved a singular global consciousness. This awareness of interconnectivity, called All-Garden, has provided order and peace for countless seasons.

. Vegiton is typically very warm and moist with abundant swamps, rain forests and jungles. Their history records a few instances of great drought and catastrophic wild fires, but the worst usual threat to most Vegitons is an early frost.

. The Universal Health Organization (UHO) has recently posted this Travel Advisory:

Those traveling to the planet of Vegiton are encouraged in the highest degree to get full anti-allergy inoculations before entering the sector. Vegiton and its surrounding moons are a dense haven for spores and polleniods beyond measure. The standard Bubble Helmet can only filter a few of these agents.


. Biology & Behavior

. Vegitons have thick green root-limbs that offer bipedal mobility and hand-like dexterity. At the center of this root-limb cluster are one or more Cognitive Psudopods which host a variety of sensory organs that can be arranged at will, often to resemble the facial traits of other beings Vegitons encounter.
cognitive psudopod

. Interstellar travel was made possible by the invention of the Self-Contained Hydroponic Domed Environment Suits (SCHDES). In essence, a SCHDES enviro-suit is a sturdy portable greenhouse for the Cognitive Psudopods, with a domed top and openings for the Vegiton's hardy root-limbs and thick foliage, which can exist outside of the SCHDES protection.

. Vegitons require specific combinations of light, soil and moisture which are all provided and regulated by the SCHDES.

. Being plant life, Vegitons experience no emotions and are often perplexed by those of others. The only notable exception may be the significance of flattery (see social minutia, below).

. Vegitons are oblivious to the nature of humor and are easily confused by comedy, irony, obscure emotional phraseology and hyperbole.


. Society and History

. Outside of gardening and the self-awareness it brings, Vegitons are most interested and involved in their complex system of etiquette, propriety and social minutia. Compliments and praise are critical components of this social system and flattery is exchanged much like currency on other worlds.

. Vegitons are propagated in vast crater beds lined with enriched soil, and as sprouts are cared for by a gigantic race of Bee-oids. The nature of the "Bee Nannies" and the content of their relationship with the Vegitons remains a mystery. Discussion of them by outsiders is considered profoundly insulting.

. Vegitons are primarily occupied with botany and the exploration of their own vegetable natures via the rituals of gardening. They are pacifists by instinct and scholarly as a group, given to deep contemplation of philosophy and matters of enlightenment which are expressed through the reoccurring metaphor of The All-Garden.

. The only Vegitonian export of note is the planet's seemingly inexhaustible supply of exquisite poly-plastic vegetation, sold under various brand labels in craft stores across the universe.


. Extended Study

. Samples of common Vegiton Flattery:

"You appear radiant and likely to produce exquisite fruit well into the fall."

"Your lovely foliage is rich and looks newly misted."

"The air around you seems fresher for your being in it."

"May such excellent blooms as yours remain open all season."

"Your garden is healthy; grow on, grow on!"

"Much is cooled by your giving shade and sweet evening perfume."

"Your roots are an inspiration, like moisture to the sleepy seed."


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