Alien_Life/ Simian:

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curious parallel ape-oid

. The age-old debate over which came first, ape or man, has been likened to, "a pair of clones fighting over who is prettier" by Prof. Edvard Ng of the Ng Institute.

. Due to a space-time anomaly called the Boulle Effect, Simians exist alongside Smalls (see Smalls) despite the fact that they originated in a parallel reality where apes are the ruling class and men are bestial. Considering their evolutionary interconnectedness and interdependent chronologies it is understandable that the relationship between apes and men is replete with prejudice, dominance anxiety and projections of self-loathing. With the advent of space travel there has been a cooling of these tensions and a spirit of cooperation now exists that is beneficial to both species, and of course they are toys so things are mostly about fun, anyway.

. Habitat . Earth

. Biology & Behavior

. Apes are hairy bipeds ranging from tan to swarthy with furry hands and heavy brows. They resent footgear and enjoy physical activities that involve swinging and hanging.

. Apes can be grouped into the following kinds:

Gorilla: Dark and brutish, gorillas are known for their iron constitutions and "shoot first" approach to problem solving. Gorillas are the meat and potatoes of Simian culture, without the potatoes.

Chimp: Clever and inquisitive, chimpanzees are natural scientists with peaceable agrarian tendencies. Sometimes called the Simian Middle Class, chimps are productive citizens and have found wide acceptance in modern Small society.

Orangutan: Rigid and esoteric, orangutans are the keepers of odd knowledge, barons of big business and stern judges of everything Simian. The Orange Set are usually gifted beauracrats who enjoy appointing each other to various ranks and offices.

. Society and History

. Apes are social creatures and group acceptance is keenly important to the Simian psyche. The only thing apes enjoy more than immersing themselves in a mystery is reporting their findings to a larger group of apes and receiving wide recognition.

. Apes organize into village-states around central natural features or hubs of commerce and they typically become active in their communities, which are governed by a set of religious/philosophical principles set down in antiquity by a Law Giver.

. Local district courts wield regional control but these courts are largely dominated by the orangutan's natural gifts for pedantic diatribes, leaving a general distaste for their authority among gorillas and chimpanzees.

. On average, gorillas tend to prefer strict authority structures while chimpanzees enjoy more relaxed, freeform environments. Orangutans seem interested only in preserving their elite status and reaping the many rich rewards that come with that status.

. Apes very much resent being called "monkeys" and are sensitive to banana and organ-grinder based humor in general.


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