Independent Cognitive Formations and the Power of Play


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. As detailed in other sections of The Encyclopedia Galactica (see Use Me Again: Thing-Love Dynamics and Things, In General) there is great energy at work in the use of and attention to material things. Objects we encounter and employ absorb and can retain defining residual amounts of the motivating energies directed to, through or around them, i.e. love, hostility, enthusiasm, reverence, etc.

. An Independent Cognitive Form is an otherwise inanimate object given life by these powerful yet largely unconscious psychological applications. Absorption of vital life essence via extraordinary mental conduits can alter ordinary objects and other lifeless forms, spontaneously "igniting" them to become sentient material beings of a few demonstrable subtypes.

. Those newly formed entities begin to explore and expand into worlds of their own, effecting the objects around them in some cases, resulting in an outward rippling of ever-more complex Independent Cognitive Forms forged by the invasive hex of the imagination and its often delicious forward inertia, called Play (see The Power of Play , Playing Nice Together and Play to Live).

. The transference of inspirational energy and the creation of Independent Cognitive Forms can be illustrated with the useful metaphor of the spinning plate. In this example we will refer to a User Host, or "Spinner", and the Subject Form, or "Plate."

. The Spinner must focus his or her will and energy, combined with skill nourished by natural talent and/or careful practice, to effectively begin the rotational being of the Plate (Subject Form) upon the pole, which in this example represents the totality of life as we know it. Similarly, the Independent Cognitive Form is imbued with being from the focused energy and/or will power of the User Host, and, like the spinning Plate, can exist to some degree outside of the User Host/Spinner's field of attention once set into motion, or Play (see The Playfulness of All Things and Play Rules! A Manifesto).

. Animation The simplest transference of life energy to a beloved implement, item or garment is a state called Animation. This is usually the product of a deep connection or admiration from the Host User (Spinner) to or through the Subject Form (Plate). This is the process by which favorite fire engines race across kitchen floors for astonished toddlers who love them, and why some basketballs bounce impatiently between games in particular gym lockers (also see More Than Love: True Confessions of a Skin Horse).

. Objects that have achieved Animation can often be identified by the use of key phrases such as, "my favorite stapler" or, "my lucky hat" and other preferential declarations for a particular object over like others which, upon analysis, amount to altogether mysterious subjective discriminations.

. It is common for Subject Forms to be unwittingly animated by their User Hosts, and actual animated activity may be mistaken for or disregarded as daydreams, muddled assumptions, self-fulfilling hearsay, or private fancy.

. Once endowed, these lively objects perform within the context of their design and seek nothing more than interaction and excellence as defined by their particular established function or nature. These simple Independent Cognitive Forms are often perceived only by the User Host (if at all) and are usually dissolved shortly after that life-giving attention is drawn away or refocussed.

. Articulation A more complex and self-sustaining network of inspirational transference is Articulation, the status given to animated items which have been created for specific new purposes or assembled from dissimilar parts with new and wholly original intent. Since these emerging forms have little or no preexisting context to define them they are able to determine much of their own direction and functionality; a casual hand in their own objectified fate.

. Like the spinning plate, Animated objects can only briefly remain in motion when the User Host (Plate Spinner) is focused elsewhere. However, in a state of Articulation, the metaphoric Plate is aware of its rotational existence and the complex physical laws which maintain its delicately balanced kinetic being. This understanding and self-awareness becomes the central driving force, replacing the catalytic attention of the User Host. From that point on, it is free will that maintains the forward progression of the Articulated Independent Cognitive Formation's unique life energy.

. Using our convenient metaphor to describe this condition, we can say that, "the Plate is able to twirl its own pole". In this way, an Articulated Subject Form can sustain its own being well beyond the igniting attention of the User Host and begin to enjoy its own consciousness and environment on its own terms and schedule, an elevated state of being often called at Play (see Joy Pinnacles , Fun and Games in the New World and Play for Victory).

. In addition, some Articulated objects demonstrate a level of awareness of their own nature and an understanding of their place in the Greater Scope of Things (GST) that seems to transcend Articulation (see Exponential Meanings and Wee Things - Knowing Icons). These Hyper-Articulated Objects (HAO) can have a deep understanding of what is, and can move forward in a unique personal universe with intentions of their own, motivated by what appear to be compelling internal forces best defined as Play Instinct, or having Fun (see Play is Fun and Fun Me Up!).

. It should be noted that the creation of any Independent Cognitive Forms as outlined above is by no means a guaranteed result of specific action. There is no easy recipe to breathe life into things. Repeated intentional attempts to bring about these forms will almost always (statistically) end in disappointment, much like Playing the lottery (see Problems: What To Do and When the Fun Stops)

. Play is thus elusive, and must be hotly pursued.


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