Alien_Life/ Lizagoth:

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Life Span .
Short .Med .Long ?
Tech Level .
Prim .Low .Med .High .Ultra
Range .
local .space .warp/other
.nearly extinct ancient reptilian
. The only living specimen of Lizagoth known to exist is Lt. Vang of the ASA Walkure.

. Habitat .The Planet Glak

. The Lizagoth home world of Glak in located in the distant galaxy Tg-Nuh. Glak has a volatile core and a rocky tropical surface with enormous thermal vents that expel a wide range of liquids, gases and high-energy plasmas. These vents become the focal points for colonies of Lizagoths, who are nourished by the gases and who also harvest the plentiful static electricity given off by the vents.

. The name of their home world, Glak, is commonly translated to mean warm flat rock.

. Glak is very far from its pale orange sun, called Gul, and thus is perpetually dark. The planet is warmed and kept moist by intense geo-plasmic activity.

. Biology & Behavior

. Lizagoths are cold blooded and fast moving bipedal reptilians with keen intellects and powerful skills of observation. It is noted that some are said to have vestigial tails to various degrees of vestigilation. Lizagoths smell vaguely of anise and have the most refined analytical sense of taste in the known universe.

. Lizagoths consume plant matter and a few choice grubs daily. They require a special gaseous cocktail called Mull in order to maintain equilibrium outside of their home environment. A year's supply of Mull can be stored in pressurized tanks that fit comfortably on the Lizagoth's back.

. Lizagoths lay an egg every 20 years and require no mating to do so. There is a complex coupling ritual that can last up to 6 weeks, but that has nothing to do with reproduction.


. Society and History

. Lizagoths have an ancient tradition of celestial observation that lead to detailed mapping of much of the universe long before they achieved the capacity for space flight. Lizagoth calendars and time pieces are regarded as the oldest and most accurate in the universe.

. Lizagoth culture is peaceful and places great value on discovery and invention. They are loyal, honorable and respectful of life and intelligence of all kinds.

. 300 years ago, Glak became infested by a mysterious race of dark energy beings called Valk, which translates to shadow monster. Valk nourished themselves by draining life energy from other living beings, and Lizagoths became their prey of choice. The terrible Valk scourge lasted 25 dark and deadly years, but they were eventually vanquished by an invention known as a Venom Canon.

. The Venom Canon combined powerful chemical agents with intense illumination fields. With this weapon, Lizagoths finally rid their planet of the Valk threat, but at a great price. Unbeknownst to the Lizagoths, the chemicals used in the Venom Canon created serious consequences that threatened to destroy their species.

. Egg Crisis: Chemicals used in the Venom Canons were responsible for a drastic condition in which Lizagoth egg shells would not harden properly, killing the offspring in a matter of days and threatening to extinguish the species entirely.

. A handful isolated sub-species proved to be immune to the damaging effect of the chemicals and they alone escaped extinction and inherited the ravaged planet of Glak. Lizagoths now teeter on the edge of fiction and these unusual reptiles are easily some of the rarest creatures in the universe.


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