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Modern Intelligent Need-Discerning Interface

make .
BotCo Werk-Bot3F
+ custom system upgrades

status .
Active: Gecko

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The Gecko BASE 7 computer network can be verbally accessed via the Modern Intelligent Need-Discerning Interface unit, or MINDI.

Based on sturdy custodial designs, MINDI serves as an information hub and conversational link to the Gecko BASE data network. In addition to her regular programming, MINDI's has been upgraded (see Vig Lightswitch) to include the following proficiency routines:
Character Expander 7.3, Emergency Field Medic, Judo Expert, Advanced Ballroom Dance, Comic Dialects, 5-Star Bartender, Stand-Up Comic v5.2, Advanced Machine Languages Translator, Turbo-Sass 600, WeaponTech-Destroyer Class, Omni-Hoyle Casino, Quicken Micro, et al.