name .
Jeffus Thomerson

rank .
Space Freight Pilot

post .
UPPS Volume Shuttle
"Century Peregrine"

nic .
Trinkle Boy

Jeffus "Jeff" Thomerson won a full scholarship to the Smallonaut Space Academy by collecting an inordinate amount of box tops to enter a sweepstakes-type contest offered by the increasingly popular product called Trinkle. Jeff's winning essay, Space: Gotta Get Me Some, won the attention of the judges with its naive sincerity, gushing enthusiasm, and because the product name Trinkle was used 211 times in a 500 word essay.

After his much anticipated graduation from the SSA and the ensuing media hype campaign from sponsor Trinkle, Jeff took a position as primary pilot for the Universal Parcel and Passenger Service, the only interstellar delivery network run for and by action figures. This job continues to fulfill Jeff's dream of meeting important folks and traveling to exotic locations. He has achieved a reputation for punctuality and dependability, and during his employment with them UPPS has consistently been voted Best Shuttle Service by Toy's Life Magazine since the dawning of their "Best Of" series.