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Harcourt Bodi

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Runner 3rd Class

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Harcourt Bodi called in a lot of favors and sold most of his personal accessories to buy a one-way ticket to a creepy JEM outpost on Earth's moon.

After making deals with the elusive Cheese People native to that dusty satellite, Bodi was able to attract the attention of T19 by posting an internet ad reading, "Free Surplus AAA cells: You Haul," and a number.

Bodi had lied about the free batteries, and the crew thought they left him behind in the moon dust until he was discovered on board T19 many weeks later, hiding in a tool cabinet. Because of his obvious tenacity, and because they had no place to leave him, Harcourt signed on as Runner 3rd Class.

Bodi has a good grip and an unusual wee body type, making him the toy of choice in most tubeway and crawl-space dilemmas.