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Jackson Bean

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Jack Bean was the first non-ASA small to enter space via the Plaything Incentive Getaway Sweepstakes and Awards Committee (PIGSAC), an obscure regulatory panel under the authority of the Small Council's Department of Gifts and Niceties with unusually broad shipping privileges. Bean discovered that if he could get himself designated as "cargo" he could be shot into space as part of the PIGSAC's ridiculous Alien Rewards program, an abysmal waste of tax money operating under the assumption that firing random prize packages into deep space would grease the wheels of friendship in the event of any future alien contact.

Disguising himself as a vintage collectible, Bean survived for six months in space before being picked up by T19, then in the service of the Drop Corps. Signing on as a general hand and emerging as a gritty high-stakes space pilot, Bean is highly regarded as one of the sturdiest and most cunning action figures in space today.

Jack Bean lost all of his facial paint details during a showdown with the notorious 12 inch space criminal General Zot (see, His General Badness, and Index of Rotten Entities, The.)