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Robert Box

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1st Runner, T19

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Robert Box began his career in space as a toy on a human space craft, likely one of the space shuttles. He was brought aboard as a personal item but quickly slipped away from his astronaut owner once safely docked at the International Space Station. Some have speculated that he had Russian assistance but those rumors are unfounded, and we won't even mention them here.

Details remain sketchy but it appears that Box was somehow able to seal himself in a used potato salad container and jettison himself with some degree of accuracy into an area of space routinely patrolled by the Articulated Space Administration. He was later rescued by P8, and smelled of onions for many months.

Box took advantage of a legal loophole and singed aboard T19 to avoid criminal trespassing charges back on Earth. Bob is resourceful, has good instincts, and likes to make deals.