name .
Vernon Jules

rank .
"Mayor of T19"

post .
Radio Room

nic .

"His Honorable Mayorness" Vernon Jules is a plastic orangutan of distinction. As a young plaything Jules became aquatinted with certain higher-ups in the Small Intelligence Community (SIC) who, having recognized in him a sharp mind and a taste for adventure, utilized him from a very early age for top secret missions of low priority. It is in this way that Jules, as he claims, "knows a little bit about everybody."

Freely elected to the informal office of "Mayor of T19" for three consecutive terms, Vernon is a vital example of what a toy can make of himself through charm, stealth and the careful cultivation of power.

While the idea has never been put to a test it is probable that his "office" would give him command of the ship in the event something really terrible happened to the ASA command team. Not that anyone wants that to happen, I'm just saying.