name .
Juanita Havoc

rank .
Agent 2nd Class

post .
T19 Command Team;
ASA Security Chief

nic .

Juanita Havoc is the only Smallonaut to receive a Red Foil Star while still attending cadet training at the Academy. During a freak explosion Juanita was able to lead a dozen damaged and misplaced Adventure People to safety. The Board of Admirals called it, "an act becoming of a Smallonaut, and one demonstrating more than moderate bravery and composure."

Juanita has a very fresh mouth. She can take it, but boy can she dish it out, too. She was known in the Security Corps for her uncanny hand-to-hand abilities, and for being able to immobilize dolls twice her size. Weaponless combat remains of keen interest to her.

After graduation Havoc was assigned to various public relations campaigns, all of which failed in rapid succession due to what she has described as, "an annoying compulsion to tell the truth to the jerks that need to hear it."

Havoc was subsequently assigned to Distant Outpost 517, a cold and thankless subspace monitoring station on asteroid Dogma Major. In an unusual stroke of good space fortune, T19 happened to be passing by the asteroid when Distant Outpost 517 mysteriously burst into flames for some reason. Havoc's rescue pod was picked up shortly afterward, and she has remained on as T19's Security Officer ever since.

DO517 was never reestablished.