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Devastator OmniBot 5 (DO5)
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BotCo. BattleBot8
"Bronze Line" (Prototype)

Active - Chief of Security, NIMAS

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Ill-fated robotics manufacturer BotCo had managed to produced a handful of exotic prototype units, and were days away from unveiling the Devastator OmniBot 5 (DO5), when the company was forced to declare bankruptcy and halt all production.

The "Bronze Line" of robotic warriors were to be sold as, "the last BattleBot you'll ever need," but ironically the DO5 prototype will very likely be the only one of its kind to ever see activation.

DO5 is indeed a powerful force on the battlefield. Acute tracking and targeting sensors combine with an array of built-in and add-on nano-canons, making the DO5, or "DOS" to his friends, a peerless digital soldier. Liberated by BotCo's decline, this unit's unique background and ample firepower led to his current appointment as Chief of Security for the Ng Institute for Micro-Astro Studies (NIMAS).