name .
Thora S. Bly

rank .
Technical Sergeant

post .
ASA Grunion, GT77A Support Pod Pilot

nic .

Thora S. Bly has been sited by Toy's Life Magazine as, "perhaps the best example of the new breed of graduates from the Smallonaut Space Academy." Consistently described as overtly brilliant, Thora would have been a perfectly qualified candidate for the Grunion's Technical Sergeant even if she was not the daughter of BOA Member Dr. Esther Bly, Executive Chairwoman of the Smallonaut Security Council.

Arguably the best pod pilot to emerge from the Technical Corps, sources within the Dept. of Appointments have suggested that Bly was offered a position in the elite Pilot Corps, a rare invitation that she apparently declined in favor of getting her hands dirty.

Thora has become a critical member of the Grunion team well beyond her capacity as "crew mechanic" by assisting Commander Sinclair in the design and implementation of the scientific assessment programs that are at the very heart of their missions. Bly is very enthusiastic about her current post and considers herself a complete success story.