name .
George Maxwelton

rank .
Space Commander

post .
Prosperity 8

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Commander George Maxwelton has had a long and colorful career in space. Starting as a Drop Corps Tech. Sgt. , Maxwelton (or "Max" to those who serve with him) is credited with saving the lives of every Smallonaut in Echo Company by hiding in a waste container as his ship and crewmates were captured by Mukoid pirates. Max convinced the Mukoids to converge in a cargo compartment where he quickly blew the hatch, sucking them all into deep space. Max is famous for his "blow-the-hatch" plan and continues to offer it as a ready solution to a wide range of situations.

Max was promoted to the rank of Space Commander after the Drop Corps disbanded. His first command assignment was the ASA Marzipan, an early bulk freighter and a pudgy pioneer in the dawn of toy space exploration. The Marzipan's destruction by a suicide squad of Plushoids still weighs heavily on the Commander, who managed to save his entire crew from annihilation by marooning them for six months on the frozen moon of Stoffers 11.

Although it is unlikely he'll ever admit it, Commander Maxwelton is getting on in years and keenly feels the squeak and brittleness of his age. He is forgetful, quick to defend his ragged health, and also forgetful. Commander Maxwelton's experience more than compensates for his vintage fragility, but it is important to note that he has already received three emergency elastic replacements in addition to a great many other upgrade procedures, all due to cracking and other age related degradation.

Decorations from his epic career in space include the 3 Gold, 2 Red and 1 Silver Foil Stars.