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Lieutenant Commander

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Lt. Commander Grog is the only one of his kind (see Grog) to attend the Smallonaut Space Academy and was a star graduate of the Technical Corps. Grog comes from a Pod of Fine Mechanics, and befor enrolling at the SSA he served as a Technical Ensign aboard several of the orbiting garden colonies of his home planet.

Lt. Grog is considered uniquely qualified for space travel due to a rare glandular disorder called Upsomental Dislocation Syndrome (UDS), or Floater's Disease. In the native ooze of his home world his inability to determine up from down could be a deadly handicap, but in space his condition offers welcome relief from the uncomfortable nausea most Grog experience in zero-G environments.

Grog's first assignment as Second in Command of the 2XL+ has been marred by misfortune and he holds the unofficial record for most consecutive hours in Sick Bay.