name .
Gladzeik Nnevll Vanggtk-ch

rank .
Lt. Commander

post .
Ops, Walkure

nic .

Lt. Commander Vang serves as Operations Officer aboard the Walkure deep space probe. Vang is a Lizagoth, and the only one of his kind on record.

Vang requires a special gaseous cocktail called Mull to maintain his internal equilibrium when away from his home world of Glak. Mull is provided by specialized storage tanks and a mouth piece, and small amounts of condensed Mull can supply many years of this critical supplement that others have playfully dubbed balancing gas.

Vang is a speedy analyst and keen problem solver. A pacifist by nature, his unusually long, pronged, and constricting tounge can prove deadly if his crew mates or other associates are threatened.

Vang's entire familial group was killed in a freak avalanche and Vang has not seen or had news of his own kind for many decades. Vang left his empty home world to enroll at the Smallonaut Space Academy, and he offers a unique alien perspective on the many challenges confronted by the crew of the Walkure.