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the NEWS, and I think it is real... that's what sets me apart
from the Others...

...early polls show graphs and charts ahead of lengthy descriptions and wild gestures... developing...

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It's all news to you.

Good evening, I'm Wink Blinkman and this is the late edition of Figure 8 Action News, with your host Wink Blinkman. Stay with STV for 24-hour coverage of Things, as they Happen.

Tonight's news is brought to you by Trinkle, The Water Stiffener You Can Trust, and by Tinkerson's Mercantile who would like to remind you that snow season is just around the corner. Tinkerson's carries winter tires for Mattel, Hasbro, Tonka and many others so bring your vehicle to Tinkerson's, The Mercantile You Can Trust.


Our Top Story tonight, Traveling Man has been spotted in the Great State of Idaho. Details are still coming in but it appears that our world-wandering friend was seen in the hills near Placerville and may have been working at an Applebee's in Boise for the last 6 months. We'll have more on this story later but early reports indicate that area once covered by a vast inland sea is now completely dominated by the color brown.


In a bizarre turn of events this week an entire race of alien beings called Insectians made their presence known to the rest of the universe. It seems that their kind have been around for billions of years, living among us in complete secrecy and at times wielding an unseen hand in our history and culture. When asked why they decided to make their presence known at this particular time the Insectians said only that, "The timing just felt right."


Insectians and other toy alien species are the subject of a new book by Prof. Edvard Ng of the Ng Institute. A work in progress, The Encyclopedia Galactica will detail the history of toys in space, document all alien species known to exist, and provide a complete Smallonaut crew list with lots of pictures and fun facts! wearesmall.com will host an on-line version of this fantastic new work as soon as it becomes available, so stay tuned to this web site! We also hope to publish it, and when we do we expect you to buy a few, right?


Other projects in the works include a huge celebration of Small Pride just as soon as the census count reaches 400! We are sooo close, folks!

Also in the works is a new graphic novel. We can't really tell you a lot about it right now because of the gag order, but Figure 8 Action News has managed to smuggle the below image out of The Department of New Projects. Darned if we know what it is, but we thought you should see it, anyway.

Survival Den, Moon of Gecko

Thanks for joining us, I'm Wink Blinkman and that's about the size of things!

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