Chance of SNOW in the forecast: We'll tell you what to fear at 4:30, 6:00 and 11:00

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SNOW in Small World!
Slushy Surprise Inspires Everyone

The good folks at Tinkerson's Tire and Lube would like to remind you that most vehicles made by Mattel are shipped without proper snow tires! Don't get caught in the cold with lame tires! Get right over to Tinkerson's Tire and Lube and get set up today!

"If you have to be pulled out of the drainage ditch this winter then you didn't stop by Tinkersons!"
-L. Tinkerson


Well, I think you can see behind me what the fluffy white TOP STORY is today! Snow is everywhere in Small World and Figure 8 Action News is there to cover the soft and sometimes slippery story! As reports of accidents and closures come in we'll keep you updated, and we'll have some tips on how to stay warm during the coming low temperatures. As you can see behind me, this is SNOW DUMP 2001!


Joining me out here in the white stuff is Bunghilde, honored soprano from the Small Academy of the Arts. Bunghilde?
Thank you, Wink. I want to remind all of our Viewers out there that snow has been a vital part of many great works of art and literature, including Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, It's a Wonderful Life, Frosty the Snowman, and some of those Shakespeare Sonnets that I can't really remember right now..."
Thank you for that important review of the Classics, Bunghilde...



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"Everything is closed. Schools, roads, stores, Congress, everything. Just forget it and go play, but bundle up because the last thing you need right now is pneumonia."

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